Speed Shopper partnered with Houston based grocery store chain Food Town to host a focus group event.

The purpose of the event was to have a variety of people test the functionalities of the app in-store and use the feedback to make modifications to improve the overall user experience.

Focus group participants were selected from a diverse bunch. They consisted of Teachers, Nurses, Retired Corporate Executives, Successful Entrepreneurs, Students, and others.

Food Town is enthusiastic about the partnership with Speed Shopper, and views the app as a great tool for their existing customers in addition to being a magnet for potential customers. “We just thought that it would be very useful to our customers to make it faster and easier” said Shannon Crawley, Communications and Marketing Specialist for Food Town.

Focus group participants also took part in a competition to see if the shopping list app made a significant difference in their shopping times. The results were better than expected according to various participants. Those using the app completed their shopping trip in less than half the time of the participants with hand written lists. “I think it’s a life saver, and relieves the frustration of trying to find someone to guide you to where you are trying to go” said Charles Davis, a focus group participant who admittedly never used a shopping list app before.

“We are currently working with Food Town to bring all of their locations onto our platform. The app can be used at any store and the aisle numbers are crowd sourced by shoppers, but when a store partners with us it makes things much easier for everyone” said Mitchell McElroy, Founder and CEO of The Speed Shopper App. Stores that partner with Speed Shopper have their aisle numbers added by the store and when things in the stores get moved around that information is updated by the shoppers.

The Speed Shopper app is ideal for any store with aisles but has become very popular with grocery stores mainly in the United States. One cool feature is the map. It shows all of the stores in which the app has been used globally. “The map shows how widespread Speed Shopper’s use is, and we are excited about its further expansion.”

The Speed Shopper app is available for both Apple (iOS) and Android devices. They also have their own cryptocurrency which they pay to shoppers for adding aisle numbers.