Although the price of Ether has risen nearly 30% over the last month, Speed Shopper gave it away…




Speed Shopper gave away free Ether to the Top 10 holders of our cryptocurrency also called SSTX. SSTX (Speed Shopper Token) is a currency paid to all users of the Speed Shopper app for simply adding the aisle locations of items on their shopping list. The SSTX rewards currency is redeemable within the app for discounts on products offered by various brands within the app.

Since SSTX is an ERC-20 crypto token it uses the Ethereum blockchain to complete transactions. If you have SSTX you need a little bit of Ether to be able to use it. If you aren’t in the Top 10, Speed Shopper recommends purchasing Ether from exchanges such as Gemini or Coinbase. The top 10 can be seen by clicking this link



As of June 15th, 2019 the users above were the Top 10 earners of SSTX

If you are in the top 10 check your Ether balance…

“How do I check my balance??”



Just select “My Wallet” from the menu and it will bring you to the screen pictured to the left. Your SSTX balance will appear here. If you tap the “ETH” button you will see that instead of showing a balance of 0, it will show that you have some Ether.

Now when you select the SSTX Market from the Main Menu you will be able to use your SSTX to purchase the various products from the various brands


Select any of the various brands that are offering discounts on their products


Select the product that you want to purchase a discount for.


View the product and if you want to purchase it select “Buy Now” and you will receive a coupon code to go to that website and complete your purchase and receive the discount that you’ve earned. It’s that simple!

If you don’t already have the Speed Shopper app download it today. It helps you shop faster and introduces you to delicious foods that you would normally never know about.

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