The Speed Shopper app now has aisle locations for items in over 20 different grocery store chains across the United States.

Those chains are…

  1. Walmart (26 states and expanding)
  2. Kroger
  3. Baker’s
  4. City Market
  5. Dillons
  6. Food 4 Less
  7. Foods Co
  8. Fred Meyer
  9. Fry’s Food Stores
  10. Gerbes
  11. Jay C Food Stores
  12. King Soopers
  13. Mariano’s
  14. Metro Market
  15. Pay Less Super Markets
  16. Owen’s
  17. Pick N Save
  18. QFC
  19. Ralphs
  20. Ruler Foods
  21. Smith’s
  22. H-E-B (Texas)

The Speed Shopper app allows you to make a shopping lists for any of these stores then displays the aisle locations of your items in order sequentially by aisle number.

If you change your mind about what store you wish to shop in, simply import your list between stores then it will automatically update the new store with your items and populate the new aisle locations!