In 2018 Speed Shopper LLC announced the launch of their new shopping list app for Apple and Android mobile devices. In hopes of improving the effectiveness of shopping list apps, Speed Shopper has given its users a unique tool that will undoubtedly enrich their shopping experience.

“People don’t mind going inside of stores to shop, they just aren’t too fond of how long it often takes.” Said Mitchell McElroy founder of Speed Shopper. “While many tech companies are trending towards online and grocery delivery services, we feel that shoppers actually prefer in-person shopping. The biggest opportunity is not in keeping shoppers out of stores, but in providing a better experience once they are there.”

The Speed Shopper app focuses on getting the shoppers in and out of the store as quickly as possible. In today’s world spare time is in short supply. Although shopping online and grocery delivery is an option that some time conscious people utilize, it doesn’t beat the swiftness of walking right into a store and grabbing the items yourself. “We don’t believe that the future is in sitting at home and waiting for your local store items to arrive, but in getting directly to your items as fast and efficiently as possible.”

Speed Shopper utilizes the power of people to build a database of items and aisle locations for each store in which it is used. The app then allows its users to access that database in addition to adding to it. “Shoppers love how our app places their items in order by aisle number effectively mapping the fastest path to get in and out of the store.”

Speed Shopper recently integrated their own cryptocurrency as a reward for shoppers who add item aisle locations to their database. Now in addition to saving yourself time, you will also earn currency that can be used to purchase products within the app.

“Our mission is to make it faster, more efficient and simply easier for people to shop. We know that your time is precious and we want you to have more of it.”

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