5 Suitable Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts Found at Walmart and Target


  1. Jewelry (Necklaces, Earrings, Rings)

When trying to decide where to purchase jewelry for that special someone Walmart and Target are retailers that should be considered.  Walmart operates nearly 5,000 stores in the United States which gives them tremendous buying power.  Walmart is able to leverage that buying power to purchase large quantities of jewelry at lower prices.  The quality of Walmart jewelry is better than most would assume.

Target also sells jewelry that is mostly priced below $50 and has decent Valentine’s Day jewelry.  Target may not be the best place to buy Anniversary gifts, but for Valentine’s Day they have just the right items to show that special someone that you care.

♥Speed Shopper Jewelry PickWalmart

  1. Clothing

Walmart and Target both dedicate a large amount of prime store real estate to apparel, however Target appears to invest more in clothing quality.  Target has a reputation for being having stylish clothes at affordable prices, also known as “cheap chic”.   Target has launched dozens of in-house apparel brands over the past three years, such as “A New Day” for women, and “Auden” for lingerie.  Target has a robust variety of women clothing sizes which means they will have the size you’re looking for.

♥Speed Shopper Clothing PickTarget

  1. Flowers

Floral arrangements are still #1 when it comes to Valentine’s Day spending.  Never doubt the power of a well-timed floral arrangement.  You can always drop by at the last minute and pick up some type of arrangement, bouquet, or perhaps a simple single rose.

♥Speed Shopper Flowers PickWalmart

  1. Candy

Target and Walmart both offer the traditional Valentine’s Day candy assortments, but in addition to those selections the non-traditional options are also there.  Candy is usually moved to a prominent location in the store near Valentine’s Day and should be easy to locate.  The fastest way to locate the more premium candy in the store is to use the Speed Shopper app and add candy to your shopping list.  It will tell you exactly which aisle to go to.

♥Speed Shopper Candy Pick – Target

  1. Gift Cards

While many would argue that gift cards are thoughtless and lack originality, many people actually prefer the variety of options that gift cards provide.  The opportunity to consume on your own time has become very important in today’s busy society.

♥Speed Shopper Gift Cards Pick – Target


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