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Crytocurrency Bounties, Airdrops, and Exchange Talk are Big Red Flags

Bounties and Airdrops are both indicators that the creators of the coin/token don’t believe it has much value. Another indicator that the creators of the coin/token don’t believe in the value of their creation is how quickly they attempt to get the coin or token listed on cryptocurrency exchanges. What are Bounties and Airdrops? Bounties are payments that are given to individuals who perform certain tasks that typically help promote the coin/token. The bounties are usually paid in the cryptocurrency that is being promoted. Airdrops are usually given to individuals who either hold certain coins that are hard forked or

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The Speed Shopper App Revolutionizes In-Store Shopping by Utilizing the Collective Power of People

In 2018 Speed Shopper LLC announced the launch of their new shopping list app for Apple and Android mobile devices. In hopes of improving the effectiveness of shopping list apps, Speed Shopper has given its users a unique tool that will undoubtedly enrich their shopping experience. “People don’t mind going inside of stores to shop, they just aren’t too fond of how long it often takes.” Said Mitchell McElroy founder of Speed Shopper. “While many tech companies are trending towards online and grocery delivery services, we feel that shoppers actually prefer in-person shopping. The biggest opportunity is not in keeping

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